Gaining Control: Fixing Your Fixed Asset Management Process for Increased Profits

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Webcast Summary

Think about your busiest and most hectic mornings: have you ever misplaced your keys or forgotten to bring your umbrella, even though the weather forecast calls for late afternoon showers? It’s hard enough to keep track of the items we use on a day-to-day basis, much less audit things we don’t use frequently.

Yet that’s exactly what organizations must do in their fixed asset-management process to be able to accurately and precisely understand their reporting and compliance postures at any given moment. Without an efficient fixed asset-management process in place, an organization leaves itself vulnerable to costly and damaging consequences like higher insurance premiums, overpayment on taxes, a greater total cost of ownership, more manual reporting errors, unprotected assets, and risk of non-compliance.

Using the right fixed asset management tools and processes, though, companies can create efficiencies and improve accuracy in managing, depreciating, and tracking fixed assets, from asset acquisition to disposal.

During this Webcast, Celina Rogers, VP and Editorial Director of CFO Publishing, and Grant Griebel of Sage will explore how improving your fixed asset management process can:

  • Drive down regulatory risks,
  • Maximize return on capital investments,
  • Deliver greater control and reporting capabilities,
  • Assist in fraud prevention, and
  • Reduce unnecessary costs.

About the Speaker

Grant Griebel, Fixed Assets Solutions Engineer, Sage

Grant has been in the software industry for more than eight years, helping customers to get the most out of technology solutions for their business. At Sage, Grant works with the Sage Fixed Assets team and has developed a depth of knowledge on processes, implementation, software use cases, and best practices. He helps customers uncover their needs, designs solutions to fit those needs and all the while ensures that best practices in the realm of technology and fixed assets management are followed. Grant helps customers save money, and time, allowing them to get back to what they really want to do: business.

About the Moderator

Celina Rogers, Vice President and Editorial Director, CFO Publishing

Celina Rogers is vice president and editorial director for CFO Publishing. In that capacity, she sets the editorial agenda for the company, including CFO magazine, and CFO Research.

In her ten years with CFO Publishing, Celina has researched and written on a variety of topics in business and corporate finance, including performance management, information technology, regulation, corporate governance and strategic decision making. She is a frequent speaker in the United States and in Europe on finance and business topics.

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