The CFO Playbook on Growth: How CFOs Can Boost Efficiency and Performance with Automation

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Webcast Summary

Today’s growth companies have a plethora of technology at their disposal: cloud, mobile, and analytics to name a few. How can strategic CFOs use this consumer-oriented technology to pave the way for business growth?

Unlike the massive, traditional ERP solutions of yesterday, emerging technology offerings aren’t just for enterprises. In some ways, by investing in such technologies piecemeal, smaller organizations have a unique opportunity to investigate new solutions and strategies for growth that their larger counterparts simply cannot afford. Automation technology, in particular, can allow growth companies to gain time, efficiency, and productivity, and can help employees by facilitating customer service, invoice processing, marketing, and information security.

As the stewards of their company’s coffers, CFOs hold the power when tech providers come knocking on their door, promoting their latest and greatest wares. Finance chiefs at growing companies are increasingly becoming targets for promising offers—with good reason. Smart finance chiefs realize that automating previously manual and paper-based processes will help their workforce focus less on quotidian processes and more on higher-value, income-producing tasks.

Operating with tight staffs and budgets, senior finance executives at small and midsize companies often don’t have time to consider strategic IT investment. That’s why some finance departments are still spending hours trading paper invoices with suppliers or laboring over Excel spreadsheets. But with so many low-barrier-to-entry solutions at their disposal, growth company CFOs should consider how automating previously paper- and labor-intensive back-office operations will lead to productivity gains, and ultimately, growth.

Topics covered during this Webcast will include:

  • How today’s technology can transform current workflows and back-office processes;
  • The unique opportunities growth companies have to invest in new technologies;
  • How CFOs can best investigate and invest in technology to boost growth opportunities for their firms; and
  • Barriers to change and how to make the case for investment.

About the Panelists

John Lieblang, Affiliate Partner, Waterstone Management Group LLC John Lieblang

John is an experienced C-level corporate and consulting executive with a proven track record of delivering breakthrough business, process, people and technology results with sustainable improved performance.  With over 30 years of information technology experience, operating at all levels, including being a CIO and Global Partner at Ernst & Young, John brings a unique perspective to Waterstone's clients across the entire IT operations landscape, emphasizing the use of business-centric metrics and measures to deliver value-added solutions.

Gerry Mendelbaum, Managing Partner, Camber Advisors LLCGerry Mendlebaum

For nearly 30 years, Gerry Mendelbaum has been providing consulting services to a wide range of companies. He focuses on the intersection of strategy, operations and information technology, including acquisition and integration. He has led integration activities for several acquisitions, including the relocation, consolidation and integration of manufacturing operations and IT systems. Gerry’s past experience includes partner roles with Deloitte, Archstone Consulting and Infosys Consulting.

About the Moderator

Mary Beth Findlay, Editorial Director, Product Development, CFO Publishing Mary Beth Findlay

Mary Beth Findlay is editorial director of product development for CFO Publishing's custom-content division and oversees the development of editorial and custom content products, including eBooks and CFO Playbook Webcasts. Prior to joining the custom-content group, Mary Beth was associate director of research at CFO Research Services. She conducted research studies on a variety of finance topics, including banking and capital markets, business performance management, the use of financial and operating data, and professional development.

Before she joined CFO Publishing, Mary Beth served as a research associate at Harvard Business School, writing case studies and background notes for second-year MBA courses. She is a graduate of Boston University School of Law, and she earned a bachelor's degree in communication from Boston College.

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