The CFO Playbook on Technology: The CFO Buyer's Guide to Midmarket ERP Systems                  

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Webcast Summary

With dozens of enterprise resource planning (ERP) packages tailored to the needs of midsize companies—which should a CFO choose? And why must the CFO be involved in that selection?

If modern CFOs are truly strategic partners, then they must be involved in ERP selection. The CFO must understand exactly what the company needs to achieve, and then find the ERP system to match those objectives. Making a buying decision based only on strong accounting functionality is not enough—in fact, it is presumed that all systems have that.

As they contemplate the right systems for their companies' needs, CFOs must find solutions that will scale as their companies grow or expand into new regions. Also, with 43% of ERP projects going over budget, CFOs must be careful to consider the risks of time and cost overruns. Compliance is also a big concern with so many regulations, industry standards, and guidelines to consider. Finally, CFOs ought to consider how their organizations can find solutions with capabilities that can help save time and money but will also be used by employees.

The good news is that midrange ERP packages have the potential to solve all of these problems, but not all of those capabilities come in a single package. How then does the CFO find an 80% fit, and build upon it?

This Webcast will explore:

  • The latest developments in midmarket ERP offerings and what that could mean for your company;
  • The expanding responsibilities of CFOs in IT purchasing decisions;
  • Who you as CFO should work with when making an ERP-investment decision;
  • The advantages and disadvantages of buying ERP from larger, more-established companies compared with newer vendors;
  • The questions to ask before interviewing vendors; and
  • The questions to ask during an ERP demonstration.

About the Panelists

Cindy Jutras, President, Mint Jutras LLC

A seasoned software and business professional with more than 35 years of experience in applying software solutions to business problems, Ms. Jutras is an articulate and compelling speaker with an ability to convey potentially complex concepts with brevity and clarity. She has experience with a wide range of enterprise applications with deep domain experience that includes manufacturing, supply chain, enterprise performance and financial management. She is a published author with numerous magazine articles, hundreds of research documents and a full-length book, ERP Optimization, to her credit.

Chuck Langenhop, Senior Director, CFO Advisory Services, LP

Langenhop has more than 25 years of experience in IT change leadership, process re-engineering, performance management, financial projections, budget management and strategic planning, with significant experience in driving business solutions with both customers and suppliers. His primary industries served include food products, biotechnology, electronics assembly, information technology, medical devices, metal fabrication, not-for-profit, oilfield services, retail, telecommunications and warehousing/distribution.

Eric Kimberling, Managing Partner, Panorama Consulting Services

A leading independent ERP systems expert who offers 100% unbiased advice to clients for more than 20 years, Kimberling has dedicated himself to giving keynote speeches at industry conferences and universities worldwide, and has been quoted in thousands of articles in newspapers, magazines, and books. He has served as the expert witness in the industry’s highest-profile legal cases, representing both government organizations and private companies across the globe. He is also the author of the acclaimed book An Expert’s Guide to ERP Success.

About the Moderator

Dann Anthony Maurno is a business and technology journalist whose clients have included The Economist Intelligence Unit, CFOCompliance Week and Sports Business Journal. His book Thin Air: How Wireless Technology Supports Lean Initiatives is available from Productivity Press. Before turning to journalism, he was the international marketing manager of Lilly Software, a midrange ERP provider.


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