Accounting Outlook 2013

Take a look back on the trends in accounting from 2013. Review what leading decision-makers and experts had to say for their insights on convergence efforts, the complexity of accounting regulations, and the work of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) as it marked its 40th anniversary. 

See what FASB Chairman Leslie Seidman had to say about if the FASB will continue cooperation with the standard setter to improve U.S. generally accepted accounting principles and enhance global standards. In an interview with BNA correspondent Denise Lugo, Seidman - who left the board June 30 due to term limits - gave accounting insights on current events and discusses issues causing uncertainty and complexity, and speaks of the board's 2013 global standard setting position. 

Use this whitepaper as a tool to review the top trends in accounting from 2013, and to predict what impacts these might have on what is in store for the current year. 

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